Route1 Bakewell Eyam Bakewell

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Great News! The first self-guided route, Bakewell-Eyam-Bakewell, is live and can be downloaded from the shop.

This is a circular route, as they all will be, taking in Chatsworth Park and a number of climbs, descents and villages in the Peak District.

The format of the name for each route will start with the route number, then the start location, the cafe stop and lastly the finish location, which will always be the same as the start location.

For example, this first route will be called "Route1 Bakewell Eyam Bakewell".

Each route has to be planned, ridden, risk assessed and rider notes produced before the route/ride package can be uploaded to our website.

With this in mind, the aim is to produce at least one route per week and to have at least four geographically spread out centres from which the routes will start and finish. We intend to have fifty routes completed covering the whole of the Peak District by the end of 2018!

And as from March 2018 we will be offering guided rides on all routes for those who prefer to just ride and let us lead the way.

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